Project name: Web portal of the Senegalese civil administrators association (AACS)
Country: SENEGAL, City: DAKAR     Mission Duration: 1 month
Customer name: Senegalese civil administrators association (AACS)

Terms of reference:

  •  A platform for information sharing and strengthens communication between the civil administrators of Senegal.
  • Make more visible the association.
  • Enable the sharing of information.
  • A platform that allow networking.
  • A platform to building a community through social networks, facilitate online expression of members.
  • An intranet for discussion and sharing of information for members of the association.

Services provided:

  • A solution has been delivered using the latest version of one of the most powerful content management system: Drupal.
  • A portal interface, simple but elegant that achieves the goals set out in the terms of reference has been made
  • An ergonomic layout has been designed.
  • A database for sharing administrative documents is available.
  • Members have blogs available to publish their own information.
  • An intranet for confidential information between members has been developped.
  • Facebook pages, Twitter account have been created and integration with the portal.
  • A back-office for site management and users is available.
  • Update and maintenance are made by Afrik Online.