Keur Baax home health care

Name of project: Redesign of Keur Baax website
Country: SENEGAL, City: DAKAR  Mission Duration: 1 month
Customer name: KEUR BAAX specilazed in home health care

Terms of reference:

  • Build a new dynamic website to replace the existing one which is static, so no interactivity, ease of maintenance and security.
  • Modern graphic design that inspires trust.
  • A layout that highlights the quality of Baax Keur services.
  • Use Google map to show Keur Baax location.
  • Platform to improve communication with customers and partners.
  • Interactive website with social networks.
  • Ease of maintenance and update.
  • Trainning of a staff member on the website administration.

Services provided:

  • Joomla website software was used to build the new dynamic site. Modern and elegnt graphic design has been created.
  • An ergonomic layout that highlights the seriousness and professionalism of Keur Baax has been achieved.
  • Google map integration.
  • Contact form to interact with customers is available.
  • Facebook pages and Twitter account for Keur Baax has been created.
  • A back-office is available.
  • Maintenance and updating of the site are made ​​by Afrik Online since the official publication of the new portal.